Criminal Justice Professional Development

What things did you take away from the video that you previously did not know?  What are its applications to our future criminal justice professionals at Vine Street?

How could you incorporate the video into your lectures or out-of-class assignments at Vine Street?  What are the strengths and weaknesses of the video?


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Business Professional Development

How does this impact you as an educator of future entrepreneurs?  What things did you take away from the video that previously you may not have thought about?

Give an example of how you could incorporate this video as part of lecture or out of class assignment at Vine Street.  Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the video.

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Medical Professional Development

Susana Hennessey Lavery and Marianne Szeto, of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, discuss policy


Please view the video and discuss how healthy living options benefit not only society as a whole but also include how it impacts you as a health care educator and how it impacts your students as future health care professionals.

How could you incorporate this video into your lessons and what does it mean to you at Vine Street??

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2011 Lincoln President’s Award Winners


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Faculty Focus Teaching And Learning

This article provides a good foundation for what we will try to develop with this blog.

“When I write posts, I’m thinking about us having a good conversation about teaching and learning. And what characterizes good exchanges on instructional topics? They start off being on a topic of interest. I think the relevance of the topic needs to be established by the title and in the first couple of lines. Anybody writing about teaching and learning fights against the absence of norms expecting faculty to grow and develop professionally by reading. We all know that colleagues who don’t read experience few professional consequences. True, their students suffer, but they don’t, although perhaps their professional experiences are not as rich and satisfying.”

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Welcome Colleagues

I am happy to introduce the Vine Street LCT professional development blog.  I am looking forward to our dialogue and discussions of best practices with teaching and learning.

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