10 ways to use Utube

10 ways to use utube in your class

Please read this article about using utube in your classroom.  The article talks about how to use it for an english class.  But for the professional development assignment please write about 10 ways you could use it for a class or classes you teach at Vine.  Follow the format of the article.



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5 responses to “10 ways to use Utube

  1. Debra Messer

    These ideas are directed for the Environmental Science class, which will allow the independent study student some other resources from the text.
    1.See news footage of natural disasters with explanations from the experts on the cause and effects of the event.
    2. Find new techniques on recycling, reducing and reusing showing how people are making a difference.
    3. Observe how different countries are addressing similar environmental issues.
    4. NBC Learn (not utube, but) has years of footage of historic events and scientific discoveries that can explain a concept
    5. NOVA (not utube, but) is a font of information on just about anything.
    6. The movie “An Inconvenient Truth” can be viewed as an assignment.
    7. Compare contrasting opinions regarding a disputed topic
    8. Develop a logical critique of an argument or point of discussion. What is the opinion presented? Is it a valid argument?
    9. Demonstrations on the source or origin of products or how are they made?
    10. Listen to State of the Union Addresses or Political Debates to see what the politicians think that the people want to hear in what time. What are the issues of any particular area or time?

  2. Debra Messer

    These ideas may be applied for Anatomy and Physiology classes.
    1. Khanacademy – explains material one other way
    2. Many high school and college classes post creative examples of basic points as cell anatomy, skeleton.
    3. NOVA- is a font of information on just about everything
    4. Medical footage of xrays or MRIs allow students to view images with comments from the specialist reading the film
    5. School house rock videos are fun
    6. Dissections and other laboratory procedures can be observed when lab activity is not practical.
    7. Pathology and histology studies with real images instead of drawings
    8. Interviews with scientists on their work and discoveries.
    9. Clever songs and mnemonics for learning material.
    10. Explanations of employment opportunities in the medical field.

  3. Karen Traynum-Davis

    The explanations of employment opportunities can certainly be used in the business field. The interviews of work related interviews and life experiences enrich the learning process for students. It is a way of connecting education and the work world.

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